Curve Empowerment

My curves are where they are meant to be and there's nothing shameful about that. 

Curve Empowerment 

“How beautiful would it be if we could just see souls instead of bodies"

Two LA Creative Women that meet over 10 years ago, And years Later they reconnected to Encourage each other to continue their path of creativity. In the process of pushing themselves, they found other women who needed the encouragement to even Like and Love Themselves. So we started doing makeovers on Friends and encouraged them to be positive and to say Positive things about themselves. And created a rule before shooting the women have to say positive things that they love. of whom they see in their reflection 


#CurveEmpowerment #SelfLove 

About Me

Women Empowerment who support each other , Women who have confidence in everything we do . We embrace and Love our curves #curveempowerment


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