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Curve Empowerment 

Nedra has always Embraced her curves. Through the years she has learned to love herself , on a level the outside world doesn't understand or doesn’t want to understand.

Nedra has been a freelance Mua in the industry for over 10years, She has seen how Curvy Women have been treated in the industry and in this world. Nedra decided she wanted to build a platform for women to shine in the way we should be shinning .

Curve Empowerment 

Is something that has Blossomed into a beautiful Garden that has happened organically. Large photo shoots with fellow artist and friends in the industry and so much more has grown from this, women in the industry giving each other confidence boosting encouragement . Nedra has devoted her time to giving other women makeovers and encouraging them love themselves ,Loving the skin they’re in today and being present with happy feelings of looking and feeling beautiful when getting Glammed up.

When working with women I noticed their confidence after glam and when doing photo shoots increased and they couldn’t believe they were even looking at themselves in the mirror . Overtime boosting my clients self esteem, I realized this is much more than a shoot, We are touching women souls. I have never received so much gratification seeing these woman happy and confident .  We as Women and young ladies have to get in the habit of giving each other compliments and boosting one another, it’s contagious and beautiful.

If we all would acknowledge ourselves as beautiful Queens and never be ashamed of our curves and flaunt what GOD has blessed us with.

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