About us

Nedra and Jasmine are to Friends that are freelance Professionals doing something for fun that Blossomed into this Beautiful Movement. It went from Booking each other on gigs to Encouring each other to do shoots .To Making over other women encourging them self love , Loving the skin they own Today being present feel amazing be happy when getting dolled up . We noticed while working together with other  women they didn't recognize themselves in pictures after makeup , Hair, and wardworde once they recieved theirs images. They would love the pictures but wouldn't beleive it was them in the photo. That's when we realized this is much more than pictures and a day of glam. And we have to continue to Give each other compliments on a regular not only we have the works done . We are Beautiful and don't be ashamed of your curves flaunt what God has Blessed you with. . 

About Me

Women Empowerment who support each other , Women who have confidence in everything we do . We embrace and Love our curves #curveempowerment


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