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It's Still the Month of Love


  1. god's greatest creation on the female body.

  2. curves: everything that has to do with a girl's tit/breasts and booty/ass.

  3. #ass#booty#tits#breasts#girls

What is your meaning of a curvy woman ? Why are we comparing ourselves and bodies to other women if we just realize we are human, And we all born different for a reason and all have a purpose in this world with the body we was born with , It's up to us as women to embrace our bodies and Love our bodies. It's always someone out there who wish they had something about yourself that you under appreciate until you have that moment of realizing, Or you hearing that line I wish I had her your body or body part or I wish I had her hair or just the simple things such her eyes, etc. whatever that particular woman is wishing she had because she is being insecure in that moment .I want ever woman to know it's never a reason to be insecure or Jealous of another woman , but if you see another woman that is attractive or has amazing body it ok to give her a compliment with out feeling weird you can be secure of who you are and still give compliments with out hating another woman.

That was my reasoning of doing this series of self confidence booster for our Valentines Shoot , to show the world every woman has curves and you can show them off with Loving Themselves .