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Sexy Fit

Curve Empowerment First Event and First Event of the Year we are excited to start the year off with a bang , who doesn't like to dance and feel good and have fun at the same time . Nicole is about to give us our whole entire life who ready I know I am !

Curve Empowerment X Sexy Fit
Trainer Nicole Rush

Welcome to our First Event of the year This is just the beginning of many events we will have

“Who is Curve Empowerment
Women Empowerment who support each other , Women who have confidence in everything we do . We embrace and Love our curves #curveempowerment

How did we get Started ?

we started out a year ago as a Business this feel into our hands so naturally this is what we where doing this individually already as friends we stay talking and teaching each other. complimenting and motivating each other. and being their for each other , checking each other and the most important one is checking on each other. We feel like if all Women had a circle like . Ayeee your life is Amazing ,This world be a would be more pleasant to be in . It will be a better place Happier space, this is a sisterhood , Business ,Escape place release and get your Juice back which mean get back on your shit get Motivated this is a space where we are always there for each other . Because we are human life happens and sometimes you believe and think the world is over or you just having a bad day or month . we are here pour your juice over the ice ,Giving up over here not an option And to let the world know Curvy Women can do the same things a smaller woman can do . No shade to the smaller woman out there killing it some of our Biggest supporter are our smaller friends and family members This is a Movement to support Curvy Woman all over and us to have the motivation that we should already naturally have , With out it being a competition.