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This Is America ?

So many Races of people come to America because of how much freedom and rights we are sub post to have and in 2020 this world is in an Uproar . Because of Racism and we all have know this for years it's never been a secret . Police have been violating us for years Murdering us for years falsely arresting us for years . Abusing us! Our ancestors lived through these same times years ago so we wouldn't have live this , and look at us Centuries later we still have live through these killing because of so much hate they have for us .

Because we are black !

Black Lives Matter ! We never Been sleep

It's Took this Murder to happen in 2020 for the rest of the world to catch up with us , and the sad part is that you will never catch up we have years of hurt and pain . You love our culture music fashion our Men our tan that we were born with ,You love all the different shades of blackness that we are. You love our hips and curves you love our cheek bones you love how we can survive through it all . Love is really a cover up for Hate is how you really feel

you say Love to the visible eye the truth always come to light . The Light has been shinning bright for years and it's Blinding us right know that how visible it is .

You Mimic us ! It's so dope to be black until it's hard to be black

We have been talked about degraded , Called out our names and.

Until you walk in our shoes of being a BLACK WOMAN or BLACK MAN you can't tell us how we feel . Hate is Loud it louder than you screaming in a silent room we can feel you're hate ,We can feel your energy you've never been able to hide it , And unfortunately The so called leader we have just opened the doors for you to show to true colors that we've known that was always there.

The fact of matter is have you tried to understand us ? We want to be treated equally!

Killings are happen Everyday around the world that we have not seen on a tape .

I have to keep repeating the year 2020 to remind myself that this what we are facing and dealing with.

And that we have people in this world who will never like us love us or respect us.

But you will hear us Today our voices will be heard we will not just be another body!

You will not Breaks Us

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